KURT ADLER - Exclusive Limited Edition Series Steinbach Nutcrackers

Decorative Nutcrackers in the form of wooden carvings of a soldier, knight, king, or other profession have existed since at least the 15th century. These nutcrackers portray a person with a large mouth which the operator opens by lifting a lever in the back of the figurine. Originally one could insert a nut in the big-toothed mouth, press down and crack the nut. Modern nutcrackers in this style serve for decoration, mainly at Christmas time. See the full line of Kurt Adler Steinbach Nutcrackers Series below.

The name Steinbach is recognized all over the world for the unique design of their wood carved Steinbach Nutcracker creations developed many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach - King of Steinbach Nutcrackers.
The tradition of creating hand-carved Steinbach German Nutcrackers is being continued by his daughter Karla Steinbach and granddaughter Karolin Steinbach.

Karla Steinbach, Vice President of Operations, is the 6th generation to head the company. They are responsible for the product concept development, design, manufacture, and quality control at the Hohenhameln factory in the northern region of Germany.

Steinbach Nutcrackers are the most popular nutcrackers in the world and are handed down to future generations.
The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers in the 1800's.

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North Pole Series

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Disney Licensed Limited Edition Steinbach Nutcrackers
Christmas Legends Series

Wizard of Oz Series

Star Wars Series

Disney Licensed Limited Edition Steinbach Nutcrackers